Continia Notifications

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Continia NotificationsCheckmark Mar 2023Checkmark Apr 2023

Business value

If a system that your Continia solution is dependent on fails, you’ll be the first to know. With this new feature, you'll know immediately if there’s an operational issue that can interfere with your Continia solution and cause a problem for your work. You no longer have to wait for an error to occur to know about the issue or spend valuable time searching for the root cause.

Additionally, when a new update of your Continia solution has been released, the notification allows you to quickly access brief introductions and video clips of a few selected new features and benefits. Use this opportunity to always be in the loop.

Feature details

With this feature, you'll be informed directly inside Business Central via notifications about relevant updates to your Continia solutions. You'll receive two types of status updates: The operational status of the systems and updates about new major releases.

The notifications only appear for the users for whom it's relevant. The notifications are distributed based on parameters such as the Continia solution and version, Business Central version, localization, bank or collection system.

Note that it’s possible to unsubscribe from the notifications.

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