Figures Indicating the Number of Documents for Approval per Type in the Web Approval Portal

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Figures indicating the number of documents for approval per type in the Web Approval PortalCheckmark Mar 2024Checkmark Apr 2024

Business value

With this feature, you'll get a much better overview of where to look for your documents for approval in the Continia Web Approval Portal. This will save you both time and frustrations and enable you to use the portal in a much more efficient way.

Feature details

Currently, the Web Approval Portal doesn't provide a good overview of where your various documents for approval belong. The company overview menu in the upper-right corner of the portal lists your companies and displays how many documents for approval there are for each company, but there's no way of knowing the types of these documents. To find out, you must manually go through the different tabs on the blue ribbon at the top of the portal (**Purchase**, **Expense Management**), including the green options in the submenus of the different tabs (such as **Expenses**, **Mileage**, **Per diems**, and **Expense reports** for the **Expense Management Menu**).

When you select a company in the company overview menu in the upper-right corner, the number of pending approvals for that company will be displayed there, along with the approval type (purchase, expense, etc.). If there are multiple approvals divided between more than one approval type pending, there will be an expandable menu with the total number of approvals pending. When expanded, the menu will list the pending approvals by type as well the number of approvals pending of that type. When you select an approval type, you're taken to the list of documents pending approval of that type.

An article with more details about this feature will be published no later than May 13, 2024.