Support for Import of Multiple Bank Statements to one Bank Account Reconciliation

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Support for import of multiple bank statements to one bank account reconciliationCheckmark Mar 2022Checkmark Apr 2022-

Business value

While managing bank statements with Statement Intelligence by Payment Management makes the reconciliation process easier, updating them can be difficult – especially when you have multiple different bank account reconciliations. Continia Payment Management alleviates this by enabling you to import multiple bank statements into the same bank account reconciliation.

Feature details

Currently, when you want to import more than one bank statement, you need to generate a new bank account reconciliation per bank statement. The import functionality will be extended to support import of multiple bank statements to the same bank account reconciliation.

This feature is available from Payment Management version 4.0.

For more information about how to import multiple bank statements, see the Multiple Bank Statements per Bank Account Reconciliation article.