Support for the Norwegian AML act for all Banks (without e-ID)

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Support for the Norwegian Anti-Money Laundry (AML) act for all banks (without e-ID)--


The development of this feature is postponed. We are investigating whether this feature's development will be rescheduled for a future version of Payment Management.

Business value

With this feature, Continia will support smaller businesses in Norway that enjoy the real-time advantages of direct communication with Payment Management but do not want to implement e-IDs. This feature enables customers who use Payment Management Direct Communication in Norway to comply with the new legislation without additional costs.

Feature details

The Norwegian Anti-Money Laundry (AML) Act demands control over who sends payment files to a bank via Web- or SFTP services. To use direct communication with a Norwegian bank, the social security number of the person who sends payment files to the bank must be included in the file. Payment Management Direct Communication will support this requirement for all banks represented in Norway. However, as this is the lowest security level allowed in Norway when using direct communication, users will still have to approve the payment in the bank's portal.