Sending Pre-approved Payments with Strong Authentication Through e-ID

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Support for sending pre-approved payments with strong authentication through e-ID--


The development of this feature is postponed. We are currently investigating whether the development of this feature will be rescheduled for a future version of Payment Management.

Business value

Sending pre-approved payments to your bank using the new Approval Management module in Payment Management and with strong authentication supports an efficient and more secure payment management in Business Central. The introduction of strong authentication in Payment Management emphasizes Continia's focus on supporting high security and safe payments.

Feature details

As more banks require electronic identification of users who send pre-approved payment files through Web- or SFTP-services, a new functionality that supports the use of e-IDs will be added to the upcoming Payment Approval Management feature. With this feature, it will be possible to authenticate payments using MitID/NemID in Denmark, BankID in Norway, and BankID in Sweden. Using e-IDs removes the obligatory approval of payments in the bank's portal, as all the approvals made from Payment Approval Management with e-IDs are accepted by the banks.