Auto-send Payments to the Bank From the Payment Journal

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Auto-send payments to the bank from the payment journalN/A-


We've decided not to develop this feature because it lacks control over payments that shouldn't be sent. Nevertheless, we've created a codeunit that partners can integrate. For more details, please reach out to our support team.

Business value

Payment process automation is one of our focus areas within Payment Management. We aim to help users with important and valuable tasks and reduce the time spent on trivial yet essential tasks. This will free up time to do other tasks in a busy workday.

Feature details

In the payment journal, it will be possible to activate a service by Payment Management, which automatically sends payment to the bank from the payment journal when the payment suggestions are OK. To automate and improve the payment flow, Payment Management will support automatically sending payment suggestions with the status OK in the payment journal to the bank. This service will help ensure vendor payments are processed and issued within the due date.

To learn more about sending automatic payments, see the Automatic payments article.