Available for version or higher. is currently the biggest marketplace for a wide range of products in the Netherlands and Belgium. With Payment Management, you can use the PSP integration feature to send payment data between and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

File Name

Detailspecificatie factuur


Because the settlement file doesn't indicate currency, you must enter EUR in the Default Currency Code field in the PSP Agreement. See the Adding a Payment Service Provider article for more information.

File Format


Default Rules

To be able to separate fees and other charges from invoices, by default, the PSP Rule Template applies the following rules:

Rule nameDescription
Pick & pack kostenThe pick and pack fees cover picking the item from storage and packaging it for shipment.
Correctie pick & pack kostenThe correction applied to the previously charged pick and pack fees. For example, if a shipment is lost.
VerzendkostenThe shipping costs.
Correctie verzendkostenThe correction amount that is applied to the previously charged shipping costs. For example, if a shipment is lost.
CommissieFor each item you sell on, you pay a commission, consisting of a fixed amount and a percentage of the selling price.
Correctie commissieThe correction applied to the previously charged commission. For example, if a customer returns an item.
Bijdrage aan retourzegel(s)The fee charged for return labels used by a customer to send a return shipment to you.
VoorraadkostenThe fee charged (costs per day and per EAN) for storing items you sell at a distribution center.
Onverkoopbare voorraadkostenThe fee charged for stock located in the distribution center that cannot be sold.
Compensatie zoekgeraakte artikel(en)The fee paid for product that got lost.
Correctie(s)A (manual) correction that does not belong to an invoice line.


We recommend not to edit the default Rule template as this template is created and maintained by Continia, and your changes will be overwritten during updates. If you want to add rules that aren't provided by Continia, you can add these to the PSP agreement.

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