Changelog for Document Output Docs

This article lists all relevant changes to Docs for Document Output Management, covering both new and updated articles.


You can find the detailed changelogs for the Document Output application itself by following this link.

March 2022

OAuth Support in Document Output ServiceAdded an article about how to set up OAuth as authentication protocol for Document Output Service.
Accessing the Source CodeAdded an article describing how to access the Document Output source code via the product package.
New and Planned for Document OutputUpdated General availability on-premises on the Document Output road map and moved features to the new article March 2021 and March 2022 with this previous road map.
Event Publishers for Continia Delivery Network 2022 R1 (3.00)Added an article with events in Continia Delivery Network 2022 R1 (9.00).
Comparison of Features in Different Versions of Document OutputAdded an article with an overview of features in Document Output by version.
Business FunctionalityArticle updated with new features in Document Output 2022 R1.
Upgrading to Document Output 2022 R1 (6.00) for FOB versionsAdded a new article with information about how to upgrade to Document Output 2022 R1.

January 2022

Setting up the Continia Delivery NetworkNew article on how to set up the Continia Delivery network.
Event Publishers for Continia Delivery Network 2021 R2 (2.00)A new article detailing the event publishers in the Continia Delivery Network.
Licenses and modules for Document OutputNew article describing what Continia solution modules are and how to acquire them.

December 2021

Selected Setup and User GuidesUpdated and expanded this article on setup and user guides, adding multiple new guides.
Changelog for Document Output DocsA changelog has been added to Continia Docs, providing an overview of new and updated Docs articles.