Merge Field Editor in Signatures

FeaturePublic previewGeneral availability
Merge field editor in signatures-Oct 2024

Business value

This feature will make it quick and easy to apply signatures in email templates, saving you time and hassle when you create or edit email templates.

Feature details

Merge fields are used when you create or edit email templates. With version 24.00 of Document Output, merge fields have been upgraded to be visually displayed with the source field that the data is fetched from.

Included in the merge field feature released with Document Output 24 R1 (24.00) was a lookup option that suggests possible fields to insert when you enter a merge field name. This merge field feature could only be used in email HTML text lines, but with this new feature the functionality will be extended to also support signatures.

The functionality will work similarly as merge fields do presently in the Document Output email HTML editor, with a markup of the source field for the data that's going to be inserted and a suggestion markup for available fields as you type.