Comparison of Features in Different Versions of Document Output

On this page, you'll first find a brief overview of what Document Output versions that are supported by what versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and next, you'll find an overview of features in Document Output by version.

Which Document Output version is supported by my Business Central installation?

Below, you can see a brief overview of supported Document Output versions by version of Business Central. Over time, some older versions of Business Central will not support the newest version of Document Output, as development of new Document Output features is aimed at the latest Business Central versions.

From Business Central versionTo Business Central versionDocument Output release
Dynamics NAV 2013Business Central 2022 release wave 2 (BC v20)Document Output 2022 R1
Dynamics NAV 5.0Business Central 2021 release wave 2 (BC v19)Document Output 2021 R2

For a detailed list of all supported versions, see Supported NAV and Business Central versions

Feature comparison by Document Output version

Continia maintains its focus on developing new features for the latest version of Business Central, meaning that certain features will not be available in older versions of Document Output.

In the below table, you can see the features that are available in different versions of Document Output.


For a more detailed look at key features in older versions of Expense Management, see this page.


Depending on your version of Document Output, the Essential module comes with the following key features:

Feature2021 R22022 R1
Streamlined and automated distribution of all documentsCheckmarkCheckmark
More than 25 different email templates, ready to use from the get-goCheckmarkCheckmark
Flexible use of merge fields within emailsCheckmarkCheckmark
Option of adding background PDFs, watermarks, logos, company information, etc.CheckmarkCheckmark
Ability to legally sign all PDF files with your own certificateCheckmarkCheckmark
Full log and audit trail of all sent emails, printouts, and electronic documentsCheckmarkCheckmark
State-of-the-art HTML editor to help you design professional-looking emailsCheckmarkCheckmark
Customer and vendor fact boxes for a better overviewCheckmarkCheckmark
Ability to send documents in batches from the Document Output queueCheckmarkCheckmark
Option of merging separate PDFs and sending them as one (for example, sales and delivery terms merged with invoices)CheckmarkCheckmark
Ability to attach all types of documents to emailsCheckmarkCheckmark
Date-based email signatures for campaign banners or similarCheckmarkCheckmark
Dimension- or variant-based templatesCheckmarkCheckmark
Flexible recepient setup for all customers and vendors, including To, Cc and BccCheckmarkCheckmark
Easy storage of documents in foldersCheckmarkCheckmark
Email template lines based on language codeCheckmarkCheckmark
Ability to send customer statements automaticallyCheckmarkCheckmark
Remittance advice templates included for both payment entries and payment journalCheckmarkCheckmark
Tooltips for all Document Output fieldsCheckmark

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