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Document Output is an end-to-end solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that enables you to automate and streamline the distribution of your business documents. You can print or email texts in batches, have documents automatically attached to reminders, design your own professional email templates using the built-in HTML editor, and much more – all in one easy-to-use app. And with the comprehensive overview and full audit trail of emails, printouts, and electronic documents, you're always in full control of the entire process.

Document Output also connects directly to Continia Delivery Network, enabling you to use Business Central for sending invoices and credit notes as electronic documents in validated XML files directly to the OpenPeppol network without the need for a third-party operator.

Built directly inside Business Central, Document Output provides a seamless user experience to all users of Dynamics, both new and experienced. It’s easy to integrate and set up and comes with a host of features to make your life easier. In the navigation panel on the left, you can find information on how to use Document Output in your company. In addition, the following table contains a number of key articles that you may find useful.

What is Continia Delivery Network?

Continia Delivery Network is a gateway that handles electronic invoicing. It mainly supports access to the Peppol eDelivery Network but also comprises functionality for generating XML files for transfer and for mapping received XML files to fields in Business Central.

Using Delivery Network eliminates the need for an external transaction partner when you send or receive Peppol documents. Moreover, you don't need to install service components for sending files or to use file folders as temporary export points. Delivery Network is integrated directly into Business Central, meaning you can always be sure that sent files are safe, unedited, and encrypted.

Everybody who signs up for Delivery Network must be validated by Continia—a process known as KYC (Know Your Customer)—before they’re allowed to use it. At the end of the validation process, a document is sent (by email) to the applicant requesting acceptance of the terms of use. This process is mandatory for all Peppol service providers and your guarantee that everyone using Peppol is exactly who they claim to be.


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