Ability to See Customized Senders When Opening Emails

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Ability to see customized senders when opening emailsCheckmark Sep 1, 2021Checkmark Oct 1, 2021-

Business value

When the sender of outgoing emails has been customized, it isn't always clear who exactly will appear as the sender in the actual emails, as this may depend on the user setup. With this feature, you'll be able to see the sender when you open the emails in Continia Document Output.

Feature details

If you select User Setup or Salesperson from User Setup on the email template card when you customize the sender of emails, the name that appears as the sender in the actual emails is a variable that depends on the user setup. Until now, there has been no easy way to see who the sender would in fact be, but this will be resolved with the introduction of this feature.

Specifically, the field From E-Mail will be added to any email sent in Document Output, enabling you to see the email address of the person who has been entered as the sender on the email template card. You'll be able to see this simply by opening the email.