Country/Regional Availability and Supported Languages

This page provides an overview of what countries/regions Continia Document Output is available in and what languages are supported for app versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can find information on country and language availability for FOB versions of Business Central here.

Countries and regions

There are no localized versions of Document Output, meaning that it's available in all countries that are supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can see the general availability here.

Supported languages

The table below lists the languages that are currently supported for Document Output, along with the corresponding language tags and any relevant comments.

Danish (Denmark)da-DK
Dutch (Belgium)nl-BE
Dutch (Netherlands)nl-NL
English (Australia)en-AU
English (Canada)en-CA
English (Great Britain)en-GB
English (New Zealand)en-NZ
English (South Africa)en-ZA
English (United States)en-US
French (Belgium)fr-BE
French (Canada)fr-CA
French (France)fr-FR
French (Switzerland)fr-CH
German (Austria)de-AT
German (Germany)de-DE
German (Switzerland)de-CH
Norwegian (Norway)no-NO
Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)nb-NO
Spanish (Mexico)es-MX
Spanish (Spain)es-ES
Swedish (Sweden)sv-SE