Here you can find articles on email-related topics in Document Output.

Set up email templates to use different fields, such as merge fields, dimension code, report ID, etc., change email text and signature in email templates, and create new email templatesWorking with Email Templates
Select the the category of documents you want to be attached to statement templates, configure request pages, and much moreConfiguring Options for Statement Templates
Specify PDF passwords for both individual templates and individual customers.Password Protecting PDF Files
Use a background PDF to add your company logo to an email template, to add a watermark PDF to an email template, or simply to spruce up an email templateSetting a Background PDF
Configure how documents are combined into one PDF file for en email template, and change the email subject fieldCombining Documents into one PDF
Send reminders to customers with outstanding paymentsSending reminders
Generate statements automatically for a customerGenerating statements automatically
Add a signature to a PDF file using a certificateSigning PDF Files
Merge your report-generated PDF file with a PDF file containing extra information, such as terms and conditions, or imagesMerging PDF Files
Attach files in addition to the report-generated PDF file to you email templatesAttaching Files to Email Templates
Learn about the Document QueueDocument Queue