Detailed Changelog for Continia Document Output 2024 R1

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of Continia Document Output 2024 R1.


As a Continia partner, you can be notified of new Document Output versions and service packs whenever they're released. To sign up for this service, go to this page in the Continia PartnerZone (only available to partners).


Currently, Document Output supports BC v14 and the three latest versions of Business Central. This will change with the release of Document Output 2025 R1 (26.00) in April 2025. Document Output 2025 R1 (26.00) and all future versions from then on will only support the three latest versions of Business Central.

The next version of Document Output – Document Output 2024 R2 (25.00) – will be the last version with support for Business Central April 2019 (BC v14).

Document Output 2024 R1, hotfix 1

Release date, online: May 3, 2024
App version: 24.0.1

Only released in Business Central online.

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
Documents and TemplatesBeta: Use SaveReportAsPDFInTempBlob on Report Selection.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
Documents and TemplatesPDF Upload filter limited to only *.pdf for the BackgroundPDF feature.
Documents and TemplatesEmail changed from text80 to text250 in the table E-Mail recipients.
General ApplicationCaption fixes.
General ApplicationFixed issue where statement PDF was not added to the email when using “Email all” on the Customer Statement Journal page.

Document Output 2024 R1

Release date, online: April 2, 2024
Release date, on-premises: April 15, 2024
App: 24.0.0
Fob version: 24.00


With its 2024 spring release, Document Output will make a version leap from 9.00 to 24.00, meaning that versions 10.00–23.00 don't exist and never will. This was done in order to align the versioning of Document Output with that of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
Documents and TemplatesTemplates updated to include new MergeTable showcase examples and updated Advertise logo.
Documents and TemplatesReorganized email template design for better UI and better standard BC appearance.
Documents and TemplatesUpdated HTML Editor. MergeFields are now presented as a marked text and not a %code.
Documents and TemplatesAbility to exclude the Report PDF from email.
Documents and TemplatesUse new Report Layout.
General ApplicationAdded Factboxes to Email Template List, including direct link to HTML Editor.
General ApplicationNow possible to build a table in emails (MergeTable), which can organize Mergefields or add posted data lines from source document.
General ApplicationAbility to merge multiple attachments or send as separate files in same email.
General ApplicationThe internal version of Document Output 2024 R1 has been updated to 24.00 (the internal version of Document Output 2023 R2 was 12.00). The change aims to align the Continia solution versions with those of Business Central, making it simpler for for Continia partners to tell which versions of the solutions are compatible. The synchronization is particularly crucial for the Continia Core and Continia Delivery Network extensions
General ApplicationDigital Voucher support in supported OnPremise version (BC14-BC22).
General ApplicationBetter Azure Blob Storage error messages and action to test connection.
General ApplicationSimplified Output profile selection on Customer card.
General ApplicationAbility to choose Datacenter in Core.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
Documents and TemplatesMissing statement PDF if Output = Email in statement journal due to CalcFields in SendMail (Table 6175287).
Documents and TemplatesError when creating automatic statement where output = email.
Documents and TemplatesRemoved table-wrapper form generated table and added editable=”false” attribute instead.
Documents and TemplatesFixed typo and make UpdateFilterWithMark public on page 6175284 “CDO E-mail/Print Statement”.
Documents and TemplatesObsolete Customer Setup records need to be deleted so table do not need permissions.