Generating Statements Automatically

This article describes the procedure for generating statements automatically and sending them to the Document Queue.

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To set up automatic generation of statements

To begin generating statements for a customer automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Customers, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the customer to which you want to send statements automatically.
  3. In the Document Output FactBox, to the right of Automatic Statement, select Manual.
  4. In the Statement FastTab, in the Automatic Statement field, select Automatic.
  5. In the Send Statement Code field, select Select from full list.
  6. In the action bar, select Edit List.
  7. Select a statement code, and in the same line select Statement in the Email Template Code column.
  8. Optional: You can also select New in the action bar to configure a new statement code.


The Output column is set to Journal as default, which means that statements will be listed in the customer statement journal for visual validation before they are sent. You have the option to set the Output column to Email, which means that statements will be sent automatically from the job queue after having been generated.

  1. Select OK to save and exit the page.
  2. In the First Statement Start Date field, select the start date from which statements will be sent out.

To fully automate the process of generating statements and sending them to a customer, you need to set up a job queue with a specific Codeunit, which you can read about in the article Setting up Job Queues.