Setting a Background PDF

Utilizing background PDF files is a straightforward method to personalize the generated PDF attachments within your email templates. This lets you incorporate company-specific information, like logos or watermarks, into the PDF files. When you set a background PDF, the chosen file will be integrated into the generated report's PDF as a layer positioned behind the report text. This allows you to create professional and branded PDF documents that carry your company's unique identity when sent through email templates.

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Set a background PDF for an email template line:

This is how you set a background PDF for an email template line:

  1. Select the Search icon, enter Email Templates, and select the related link.

  2. Select the email template to which you want to add a background PDF.

  3. On the E-mail template card, on the Email Template Lines FastTab's action bar, select one of the following options:

    • First-page background PDF - only applies to the first page of the generated PDF file.

    • Last-page background PDF - only applies to the last page of the generated PDF file.

    • Background PDF - applies to all pages of the generated PDF file and the first and last pages if they haven't been specified separately.


      To ensure proper integration of the background document, it is crucial to verify that its size matches the dimensions used in the report.

  4. Select a PDF to use as background. To quickly identify which background PDF features are enabled for each email template line, use the checkboxes provided on each line. These checkboxes indicate the specific background PDF options configured for that email template.


    For single-page files, you can specify to use the first-page background PDF or the last-page background PDF.

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