Continia Hub

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Continia Hub-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

Having your most needed support resources right at your fingertips in one central assistance hub is both practical and time-saving, as you'll no longer have to look for answers to your questions in multiple places. It's all right there, in the Continia Hub. And you can even use it to provide feedback, suggestions, or compliments directly to Continia, all of which will be welcomed, taken on board, and dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

Feature details

Continia Hub is an in-app feature that gathers all the resources you need the most in one convenient place. Each hub contains three overall sections:

  • Section 1: A selection of helpful contextual guides to the Business Central page that you're currently on.
  • Section 2: A collection of resources about the Continia solution that you're in (including explanatory videos, manuals, setup guides, training materials, and update notifications) as well as a feedback form that allows you to communicate directly with Continia straight from the user interface.
  • Section 3: A set of links to articles about other Continia solutions that may be useful to you.

The Continia Hub can be found on your most used pages in Continia's solutions, accessible right from the action bar.

For more information, see Continia Hub.