Overview of Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing covers the document types invoice and credit memo. They need not stem directly from sales receivables, but could also come from sales orders or the Service module in Business Central. When sending invoices or credit memos in the XML file format, it's important to create the file in an XML format that's accepted by the recipient. Continia Software is a Peppol service provider, which means that Continia can connect a Business Central installation directly with any company connected to the Peppol eDelivery Network through an access point. This means that if Document Output identifies the document recipient as a valid Peppol participant, and Delivery Network is used, it will be possible to generate an XML file in a Peppol variant that complies with the recipient's setup, and this in turn ensures that files are delivered securely to the receiving access point.

Here you'll find an overview of articles concerning electronic invoicing using Document Output.

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