External functions

On this page, you'll find details on how to call functions designed for external use.

If you need access to additional Collection Management functions, please create a ticket in our support system describing your requirements and specifying the desired function.

Attatched Documents to collections

Function Description:
Enables the attachment of external documents from Azure Blob Storage to lines created in the Collection Journal.
Function Name: CCM Attached Documents
Table: 6052659
Parameters: ImportDocExternal(VAR NVInStream : InStream;FileName : Text)
Published Version: 9.00.00 /
When creating an Attached Document record, a filter must be applied to indicate its origin.
The specified filter values will be applied to the new Attached Document record.

Filter options include:
- "Sales Header No."
- "Document Type"
- "Sales Invoice Header No."
- "Sales Credit Memo Header No."
- "Journal Template Name"
- "Journal Batch Name"
- "Journal Line No."
- "Coll. Entry No."
- "Cust. Ledger Entry No."

- An INSERT(TRUE); action occurs on Attached Document at the end of ImportBLOB.
- Maximum attached document size: CollSysMethod."Max. Att. Document Size".
- Valid attached document extensions: CollSysMethod."Valid Att. Document Extensions".
- Maximum filename length is 50.

Example on how to call the function

	AttDoc.SETRANGE("Journal Template Name",JnlTemplateName);
	AttDoc.SETRANGE("Journal Batch Name",JnlBatchName);
	AttDoc.SETRANGE("Journal Line No.", LineNo);