Why is the Document Output FactBox grayed out?


I am unable to select the Document Output FactBox. When I attempt to access the FactBox on my posted document in order to send it, the FactBox appears grayed out and is inaccessible.


If you are unable to select options in the Document Output FactBox, it is often due to missing reports or misalignment of the report.

To solve this issue, check the following:

  1. Is the report being used in multiple instances? Ensure the report is only used in one template at a time to avoid conflicts. To check this, Open Email templates and check the Report ID and Report Name columns.
  2. Do the report name and ID match? To check this, open Email Templates and verify that the report ID and name are correctly aligned.
  3. Is a report selected on the Email Template card? To check this, open Email Templates, select the template, and check the Report ID and Report Name fields.

For more information about email templates, refer to the Working with Email Templates article.