Why is my PDF locked?


Why is my PDF locked when I send it out? In Business Central, it seems to open without prompting for a password.


Sending emails with unprotected PDF file attachments poses a significant vulnerability. To address this issue, you can enhance security by protecting PDF files with a password shared exclusively with the intended recipient. This can be achieved by assigning PDF passwords for specific templates and individual customers.

If you prefer not to encrypt your PDF files, or if you just want to check if a PDF password is assigned, check the following:

  1. Firstly, check if the email template or customer card has a password protection feature enabled:

    • Go to Email Templates, and select the email template. In the General FastTab, under Advanced, see whether a password has been added to the PDF Password field. If a password has been added, the PDF can only be opened using this password after the PDF has been sent out.
    • Open the customer card, navigate to the Document Output FactBox, and select the three dots next to the Output Profile field. In the General FastTab, see whether a password has been added to the PDF Password field. If it is, this password will be used for documents sent to this customer.
  2. Additionally, ensure that your email browser (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox) doesn't automatically fill in password fields.