How can I check whether my email arrived?


How can I check whether the email has arrived at the recipient's?


If you are uncertain whether your email has reached the recipient, consider the following steps to diagnose the issue:

  • Check the Document Output Log - look for an entry in the Document Output log indicating that the email was sent. If the log contains a record of the email, it confirms that it has left Document Output successfully. To view the log, go to the customer card, and in the right panel, in the Mail section, select Log.
  • Check whether there's an issue with the exchange server - if the log shows that the email was sent, but the recipient claims it did not arrive, it's possible that there might be an issue with the exchange server or some other factors outside of Document Output. The exchange server may have a hard time handling a large volume of emails simultaneously, or it could block certain emails, considering them as potential spam. You should contact your email administrator so they can look into the status of the emails and resolve the issue. Administrators can assess the performance of the exchange, identify potential blocks, and address email delivery problems.