Detailed Changelog for Payment Management (NAV/BC14)

This article lists all new updates, features, service packs and hotfixes for Continia Payment Management.

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Changelogs prior to version Payment Management 4.00 is only available in Danish on the Danish Continia Docs site. You can find the Danish changelogs for Payment Management prior to version 4.00 here.

Payment Management v5, hotfix 1

Release date: September 9, 2021
FOB version: 5.00.01

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Platform and TechnologyPM 2021 R2 did not run on the correct version of Continia Core. This has been corrected so PM 2021 R2 now uses the correct version of Continia Core.27631
Statement IntelligenceSubpage to show notifications was missing.27654

Payment Management v5

Release date: September 1, 2021
FOB version: 5.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
Statement IntelligenceWhen posting a reconciliation we now save any notification that is attached to the reconciliation lines and they are now shown on the posted reconciliation.13331

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Payment and Cash ReceiptsIf your payment ID Mask did not contain any "B"'s then you would get an error message regarding a COPYSTR error. This has been corrected so the error message no longer occurs when you do not have a Document No. (B) in your Pmt. ID Mask.16086
Statement IntelligenceFixed an issue with old account statement formats where the would not import correctly due to missing "Message ID" on Data Imported From banks.27372
Statement IntelligenceWhen posting a reconciliation we now save any notification that is attached to the reconciliation lines and they are now shown on the posted reconciliation.13331

Payment Management v4 Service Pack 1

Release date: June 15, 2021
FOB version: 4.01

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationWe have now made available Payment Management 4.00 on our demo portal.13320
General ApplicationImproved code on "OnOpenCompany" to reduce performance hit in web clients.24936
Payment and Cash ReceiptsPayment Journal Setup now includes the possibility to enter a Bank Code which will then be the default used for when Suggest Vendor Payments is run. This makes it easy to setup up a Payment Journal for every bank used.13327
Platform and TechnologyBC14 CU19 is now supported by Payment Management.19881
Payment and Cash ReceiptsIn the Norwegian localization we will now copy the value in the KID field on the sales header into the Payment Identification field as it is entered. This means that when the user enters a value in KID on a sales document it will be copied to the Payment Identification field. If the sales documents are created from en external source this will need to call the "OnValidate" code on the KID field to get PM to fill out Payment Identification.24249
Payment and Cash ReceiptsWhen importing CREMUL (Camt54D) Payment Management will now correctly handle Refunds. Lines will be created of type Refund instead of invoice.24276
Payment and Cash ReceiptsIn some instances Payment Management would not be able to correctly determine which currency code to use on customer payments. This has been fixed.24279
Statement IntelligenceNotification will now be shown directly on the statement intelligence page. New fast tab under lines.25312
Statement IntelligenceFixed a situation where status would be wrong on account statement lines if you have lines in both the general journal and the cash rcpt. journal AND you post the cash rcpt. journal before the General Journal.25869

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Payment and Cash ReceiptsWhen importing inpayments in the cash receipt journal you would get an error message stating that the Coll. Imp. Jnl. Line ?? already exists. This has been fixed.24563
General ApplicationFixed possible error message when using the Navigate function.24746
Platform and TechnologyFixed occasional error where inpayments were not imported due to unrecognized mime-type on the file. Changed so we default to treating it as a text-file if it is not of mime-type: 'text/xml'.XML files seem to be consistently recognized correctly.25128
Statement IntelligenceFixed possible overflow error when importing account statements. If one notification text line exeeded 200 characters you would get an error on import.25296
Statement IntelligenceFixed issue with Statement intelligence created cash rctp. journal lines not correctly initiating the payment tolerance in standard BC and thus leaving behind open customer entries. Either an open payment or an open invoice depending on if too much was paid or too little.25309
Platform and TechnologyCorrected a bug with import status in Collection Management where you would encounter an error saying: "An error has occurred".Happens when you have Collection Management and Payment Management in the same database and integrating with Danske Bank webservice.25684
Statement IntelligenceFixed issue where multiple account statements would be imported into one account statement resulting in the End Balance not being correct as that was/is taken from the first account statement present in the "Data import from banks" table.25922

Payment Management v4

Release date: March 1, 2021
FOB version: 4.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationMove pmt. discount date default value set to Forward.13363
General ApplicationThe following objects were altered: New field on Formatting page. "Remove Non Alpha Characters". Activating this means that all characters other than the following will be removed from the field upon export of payments.
Special characters
General ApplicationWeb Service country Code added to Bank Card and default value set to DK.20545
General ApplicationAll documentation for Payment Management is now available on in English.16293
Payment and Cash ReceiptsIt is now possible to always import inpayments from a file. Regardless of whether webservice communication is used or not.13284
Payment and Cash ReceiptsNew payment journal setups will now have "Use Vend. Pmt. info" set to "Modified" per default.13361
Payment and Cash ReceiptsField "FI-Direct" removed from Payment Management Basis - Setup page. Field is no longer used.13364
Payment and Cash ReceiptsSupport for Nordea Corporate Access Reporting Services (CARS). Improvements in the Nordea Corporate Access-format which now supports Camt053, Camt053E and Camt054C.13424
Payment and Cash ReceiptsInfobox added to the payment journal with Information about payments (status codes) from the banks. For example "2. approver missing".19659
Payment and Cash ReceiptsWe now import more information when updating status on payments. Various status codes from the bank are imported along with the message attached to them. Can be seen in the Payments Overview. If we know the status code that is returned we will fetch the description of the code from our internal table.19727
Payment and Cash ReceiptsIt is now possible to override the automatic creation of balance entries and instead the user can choose how balance entries are to be created. Basically you can choose between: Per line and Per day.22302
Payment and Cash ReceiptsWhen import inpayments you can now choose which date is to be used in the journal. Cash Receipt date or Posting Date.22600
Payment and Cash ReceiptsInstead of the user having to chose whether to import "Inpayments from a file" or "Import CREMUL" the system will now determine what type of file is imported and whether it is via a file on disk or direct communication with the bank.23672
Payment and Cash ReceiptsIf a bank account has the same currency code entered as the LCY code we will force the Bank Account Currency Code onto the Cash Receipts Journal line to ensure the line can still be posted. This is NOT the recommended way to use currency codes in business central. We have made this change to support the few customers that still do this even though it is not the way to use currency codes in Business Central.23744
Platform and TechnologyPM will now store Danske Bank certificates in the database to ensure compatibility with Collection Management. The certificate will be automatically converted the first time it is used and no action is needed from the user. If the certificate is from Danske Bank, please read more information in the upgrade article Upgrade to Continia Payment Management version 4.00.21686
Platform and TechnologyFields that relate to the old Danske Bank API has been hidden from the user interface. They still exist in the background for those few customers that still use it.23708
Platform and TechnologyRenewal of Nordea Certificates failed as they were never saved. This has been corrected.23936
Statement IntelligenceOn the account statement line new fields called "Cust. Document Type" and "Cust. Document no." have been added. Here you can enter a document type and no. When this is done the system will check to see if the document is open. If it is open we create a line in the cash receipt journal of type Payment that will apply to the entered document no. and have the bank account as balance account. After posting of the line the system will then be able to automatically reconcile the new bank ledger entry. If the customer document no. entered is found to be closed the system will try to locate the bank ledger entry that was created at the time and set that bank ledger entry to be reconciled. If the system finds a closed bank account ledger entry on another bank account than the one currently being reconciled the system will give a message stating so.13330

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Payment and Cash ReceiptsStatus now gets updated correctly after having sent payments. If a status file actually exists.13294
Payment and Cash ReceiptsImport of inpayment files now default to show all file types.13385
Payment and Cash ReceiptsError: Length is 26 but must not be longer than 20. Fixed by extending User Name to be 30 characters long.16790
Payment and Cash ReceiptsWhen importing CAMT54 files from banks that use Bank Connect we now import all inpayments. Not just OCR payments.20546
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed an issue where Starting Date of a Currency Exchange Rate was not set when import currency exchange rates through Payment Management.22001
Payment and Cash ReceiptsCorrected problem with added spaces on Bank Account No. on import resulting in string length issues.22111
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue where import of setup files failed.22569
Payment and Cash ReceiptsChanged menu item to enable a cancel button as well as an OK button to make it possible to cancel the action.23023
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue where it was not possible to import files from Bank Connect via Webservice.23054
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed several different crash scenarios with C/AL Run Modal errors due to Core 3.0 implementation.23120
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed and issue with DBTS01 (And other text bases formats) where you would get a Channel Not Supported error when NOT using Online CBIC.23135
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed missing field in standard Table 274 i DK version 2015.23429
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed possible error with "entry not found" when using Navigate.23962
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue where the currency code on the cash receipt journal was blank but should have been equal to the currency code provided on the bank account card.24143
Platform and TechnologyThe system will now delete the file from our check list if it no longer exists in the outbox of the bank in question. If we are unable to determine whether a file exists or not and are then unable to determine the cause of an error we have also made it possible to manually empty the webservice file check list from the webservice file list.13429
Statement IntelligenceIt is now possible to import CAMT53 files for Nordea Corporate Access account statements.19448
Statement IntelligenceFixed issue with Custom Format for Bank Acc. Recon. not working unless you set Send Through to CBIC on the Bank Bookkeeping Branch.23045