Payment method groups

Payment method groups are associated with a payment method, in order to autofill vendor payment information. The fields on the payment method groups in the overview panel Default Values, which are also found on the vendor payment information, are transferred from the payment method groups to the vendor payment information when the payment method is selected for a vendor.

How to define payment method groups

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, type in Continia Payment Management, and select the related link.
  2. Then select Payment method and then Groups.
  3. This opens the window Payment Method Groups.
  4. To access the Payment Method Group Card , either select the action New to create a new Payment Method Group, or select an existing Payment Method Group and select the action Edit.
  5. Below you'll find descriptions of the fields and functions in the window.
  6. When you have finished the setup, select OK.

The payment method group card has 2 Fast Tabs:

  • General, where the code and description are filled in.

  • Default Values, where you can fill in a number of standard fields, which are automatically transferred to the vendor if the payment method group is selected on the vendor.

Default Values

Bank Notification Def. CodeWhen Bank is selected in the Notification Method, this is where you specify how the bank's notification should be formatted. By specifying a Bank Notification Def. Code, you specify which bank notification Payment Management should use when building the notification text. Read more about bank notification in the article Define bank notification definitions.
Notification MethodYou can choose between the following ways of notifying:

- Bank, where notification takes place via bank.
- Manual, where an e-mail is sent to the recipient.
- Letter, where you print the notification yourself and send it to the recipient.

The three options govern what you need to fill in in the next fields.
Manual Notification Def. CodeWhen Letter is selected in Notification Method, you can specify here how the manual notification must take place. By entering a Manual Notification Def. Code you specify which manual notification Payment Management should use. Read more about manual notification in the article Define manual notification definitions.
Pmt. Ident. Def. CodeSpecifies how the payment identification (OCR line on a payment card) is generated on the purchase documents received from the vendor.

When you have entered a Pmt. Ident. Def. Code, Payment Management automatically fills in the Payment ID field when you create a new purchase invoice. You can read more about how to define payment definitions in the section Defining payment definitions.
Sender NotificationCheck this box if you want to include a sender notification.

Sender notification is a receipt that you can order from the bank, as documentation that a payment has been completed. Please note that most banks charge a fee for this service.