Create KID payment (Norway)

A KID number (customer identification number) is used to identify the customer or vendor, as well as the invoice paid. A KID payment is an account to account payment where the KID number is used as a reference for the payment.

A KID number can be long, and it is important that it is written completely correctly to ensure that the payment can be completed. We therefore recommend that you set up KID payment on the vendor so that the correct information is automatically generated upon payment.

How to process a KID payment

1. Create a vendor bank account for KID payments

  1. Create a vendor bank account. Follow this guide Create a bank account.
  2. On the ban account card, enter "KID" as both Code and Name.
  3. Account information for the vendors bank account can be found on the vendors invoice.
  4. Select OK to close the window.

2. Enter vendor payment method and payment identification

A KID payment can be made by using KID as the payment method. According to this payment method, you can set up a payment identification code. The example below is based on KID payment to a Norwegian vendor.

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport or enter Ctrl-F3, enter Vendors,and select the related link.
  2. Select the vendor, and then the function Payment Information.
  3. In General, in the field Vendor Payment Group enter "NO->KID".
  4. In Vendor Payment Information the payment method is now automatically inserted.
  5. In General, in the field Our Account No. enter the account number according to the vendor invoice.
  6. In Vendor Payment Information, in the field Pmt. Ident. Def. Code select the payment definition code that matches vendors invoice. The selected payment definition code determines how the payment identification is built up. If you choose e.g. NOKID-2, then the structure will be; "Our account no." and "External Document No.", limited to 7 digits.
  7. Select OK to close the window,

3. Create purchase invoice

  1. Create a purchase invoice and enter vendors invoice number.
  2. On the purchase invoice, select the function Payment Information.
  3. Verify that Payment ID is generated correctly, according to your Pmt. Ident. Def. settings above.
  4. Select OK to close the window.

4.Create a payment file and send it to the bank

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, type in Payment Journal Payment Management, and select the related link.
  2. In the payment journal, select the function Suggest Vendor Payments, to create vendor payment entries in the journal. Filter if necessary to the individual vendor.
  3. Select the function Payment Overview, which shows the detailed payment information.
  4. Approve and send the payment to the bank if you use direct communication, or export the payment file and import it in your bank, if you use manual communication.