Define manual notification definitions

If you need to send notifications manually, you can choose to notify your vendors using e.g. e-mail or letter. Different notification templates can be created, e.g. in different languages. On each template, the texts in the e-mail and the lines can be formatted with merge fields. The advantage of using e-mail notification is that it's cheap, can contain many lines of text and it's very quickly received by the vendor.

  1. Select the Søg efter side eller rapport icon or press Ctrl-F3, enter Manual Notification Definitions, and then select the related link.

  2. This opens the page Manual Notification Definitions, which contains a list of manual notification definitions.

  3. To open the Manual Notification Definitions card, either select the action New to create a new notification definition, or select an existing notification definition and select the action Edit.

  4. This opens the window Manual Notification Definitions.

  5. Below you'll find descriptions of the fields and functions in the window.

  6. When you have finished the setup, select OK.


CodeThis field shows the unique code for the manual notification definition. The field must be selected on the vendor's payment information in order for it to use the given manual notification.
DescriptionHere you can add further detailed description about the manual notification definition.
E-Mail Subject TemplateHere you can specify the template for the Subject line in an e-mail. Choose which values the template should be generated of. It is also possible to write a fixed text, or to combine fixed text with inserted values. If necessary, highlight the entire line or part of the line to delete the inserted values.
Manual Notification Ref. TemplateIn this field, the text used as a reference for the manual notification is built. This ensures that the vendor can see if the payment has arrived, as it is sent by the bank to the recipient
File FormatThis field determines the selection of file format, in which the manual notification is sent:


Selecting the XML format allows the recipient to import the file into their financial system.

Manual Notification Definitions

TypeIn this field you can choose between Head and Bottom. This determines whether the content will be located above or below those values taken from Manual Notification. Ref. Template. This means that the manual notification is structured as follows:

All lines with type Head.
All values from Manual Notification. Ref. Template.
All lines with type Bottom.
FormattingThis field determines whether the text in the line should be normal or bold.
TemplateIn this field you have three options regarding what should be included in the line:

1. You can use the arrow to the right to select which fields to insert values from. This works like normal bank notification definitions
2. You can write a fixed text that will be included in the notification
3. You can leave the field blank, which also gives a blank line in notification

Send E-mail Notification

To use e-mail notification with Continia Payment Management, you must have set up the SMTP service. SMTP mail setup is a standard functionality and you can find a guide to this on Microsoft Docs here.

Please note that Continia Payment Management uses the email address provided under Business Information.

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