Define reconciliation rules for customer payments

When you import the electronic account statement, it often contains customer payments where the desired reference to your invoice has not been used. For example, if your invoicing with OCR-related id, you may find that many customers simply make an account-to-account transfer, without specifying either the invoice number or the OCR-ID (Payment ID).

To help Payment Management find and close entries with no reference, you have the option to define so-called customer reconciliation rules. Here you can, for a specific customer, for example register that the customer always writes "From SAS A / S" in the notification text.

When the automatic account reconciliation imports your account statement from the bank, these entries can be "captured" automatically, The function will then create a posting suggestion in the cash receipt journal that closes the invoice, if the amount fits. All you need to do is post the journal, the rest is done by the automatic account reconciliation.

By creating reconciliation rules for your customers, you thus achieve a smoother and faster account reconciliation and thus posting of your receivable, without you having to spend time finding out who has paid what.

How to define reconciliation rules for a customer

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, type in Customer Reconciliation Rules, and select the related link.
  2. Fill in the desired values for reconciliation rules for a specific customer by specifying the customer and filling in the fields as described below.
  3. It is possible to set up multiple search rules for a customer, this simply requires you to create multiple lines.
  4. Select OK to close the window.


Be careful to use customer-specific search texts so that you do not risk a deposit being matched with a wrong customer.

Search TextHere is the text, or parts of it, that the customer writes when making his payment.

For example.:
From SAS A/S
Continia A/S
On behalf of SAS A/S
Customer No..Here you specify the customer account to which the rule should apply.
Search PrincipleSpecifies whether you want to search for Exactly the same text in the posting text or whether the word just needs to be Within the text.

If you specify From Left or From Right, you specify which direction should search in the text - ie whether it should search from left or from right.
Search Post. DescriptionIndicates whether you want to search the posting text. The posting text is the text that appears on the bank statement from your bank.
Search Customer Name - BankIndicates whether you want to search in a special field Nordea (UNITEL02) and Danske Bank uses, called 'BankStmntLine.Payee Info 1'.
Search Notification TextIndicates whether you want to search the notification text. The notification text is a special field. in which the customer can write a notice, e.g. invoice number or Payment ID (OCR line on FIK / GIK payments).