Define merge rules

Continia Statement Intelligence includes a function for creating rules that merges specific account statement lines when you import an account statement. You can define merge rules that combine several account statement lines into one or more entries, e.g. one entry per day, or, one entry per. credit card terminal per day.

Merging of bank account entries is typically used where several credit card transfers are merged into one total per day, because that is the amount posted in the general ledger. Once you have defined a merge rule, you can run the function Merge Lines From Rule directly from the reconciliation journal

How to create merge rules

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, type in General Merge Rules, and select the related link.
  2. Fill in the desired values as described below.
  3. Select OK to close the window.
TextSpecifies the text you want to search for in the posting text on the electronic bank statement.

Example on simple search texts, where wildcards (*) also has been used:


*The original text from the file is ”DKFLCS0102 4015711830300”. Here, the date is placed in position 7-10 (0102), and the credit card terminal number is 4015711, and the rest is a slip number.

By inserting wildcards at these positions, as well as by specifying in the field Merge by position which characters determine when to merge, you can make the account reconciliation function create one entry per day per terminal.

The following entry lines thus become one line:

”DKFLCS0102 4015711830300”
”DKFLCS0102 4015711830301”
”DKFLCS0102 4015711830302”

The rule in the example above will also be applied to the reconciliation lines posting text and will in the example look like this:

'Merged line. See notifications for further information <DKFLCS*4015711*><0102>'

Under the function Notifications you will be able to see which bank ledger entries that have been merged, posting text and amount.
Merge Date to useIndicates whether you want to use the bank's posting date or value date as the posting date.
Merge by positionSpecifies which characters in the posting text you want to use to specify when to merge entries. In the example above, enter 7-10 (0102) which will combine all entries, where these 4 characters are the same, into one entry.
Search PrincipleSpecifies whether you want to search for Exactly the same text in the posting text or whether the word just needs to be Within the text.

If you specify From Left or From Right, you specify which direction should search in the text - ie whether it should search from left or from right.