Check list for setting up Payment Management

Use the guides in this section to set up the extension to suit your accounts and business. If you follow the checklist on this page, you are sure to complete all the necessary setup of Continia Payment Management and you will, once completed, be ready to apply the extension in your accounts.



Have not yet installed Payment Management, we refer to the checklist to perform the correct installation under [Checklist for download and install](/continia-payment-management-nav-bc14/download-and-install/introduction# checklist-for-download-and-install ).

Bank specific information

In connection with the setup, bank-specific information may be needed, e.g. in connection with ordering files from the bank, creating bank certificates, etc. Access the bank-specific information in the section Bank Information.

Check list for setting up Payment Management

Review the checklist below in the order given.


Note that Steps 1 and 2 are required to use the solution. After this, the checklist below is for guidance only, and there may be some setups that are not necessarily relevant to your business.

StepGo toDescription
1.Activating the extensionGuide on how to activate the extension after installing it in your Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-premises.
2.Assisted setup guide for Continia Payment Management BasisThis assisted guide will help you through the basic setups needed to use Payment Management.
2.aSee footnote for info if you have Payment Management installed in a database with multiple accountsGuide to making setup changes if you have accounts that do not use Payment Management. See more information at the bottom of the page.
3.Assign permissions to users and user groupsGuide to assigning permissions to users and user groups.
4.Create bank certificatesGuide to creating certificates for the bank, which makes it possible to use the direct communication.
5.Setting up reports for printing FIK/GIK payment slipsGuide for setting up the reports for printing FIK / GIK payment slips.
6.Create approval flow on a bank accountGuide to setting up approval flow in connection with payment of vendors.


Payment Management in a database with several companies

If you install Payment Management in a multi-company database and only want to use it in one company, do the following in the companies that you do not want to use Payment Management in:

  1. Select the icon Search for page or report or press Ctrl-F3, enter Payment Management Basic Setup, and select the related link.
  2. In General. remove the mark in the field Check before Post. Purch- Doc..

If the above is not implemented, you may experience issues when trying to post purchase documents in an account where Payment Management is not configured.