Assisted setup guide for Payment Management

Once your Microsoft Partner has installed Continia Payment Management, the solution must be set up, to fit the payment requirements of your company.


Before running the setup wizard, make sure you have completed the following:

  • All items described in the Install the extension section must be performed to ensure proper installation.
  • The solution must be activated for the accounts in question. See the activation guide here.
  • You must have created bank accounts in the specific companies.

How to run the assisted setup

When you install Payment Management, the setup wizard will open automatically. If you want to set up the wizard later, you can start the wizard manually by following the instructions below:

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, type in Payment Management Basic Setup, and select the related link.
  2. Follow the instructions in the guide.
  3. Once you have completed the instructions and validated that all bank account information is correct, you can exit the wizard.

Instructions to the assisted setup

1Selection of bank account to be set up with Payment Management.

The first time the wizard is run, Payment Management will select the account with local currency in that account that has the most entries. The account will be set up to use Payment Management when the wizard is implemented.

If you want to set up an account other than the system-selected one, you can in the field Bank Account No. select the account you want to set up.

In connection with setting up a bank account with Payment Management, a bank card will automatically be created for the bank to which the bank account is linked.
2Importing of a bank setup file.

The setup files contain payment methods, validation rules and formatting rules for the bank. The files are provided by Continia Software and can be found either in the product package that you or your Microsoft Partner used when the solution was installed, or you can download the files directly from Continia Online.
3General setup for payment with Payment Management.

The wizard will have some predefined options for setting up payments. You can always change these options by accessing the setup pages from the action bar on the page.

The unique numeric company code will be used by Payment Management to stamp payments so that data imported from the bank, is created in the correct company.

Validate that your bank account information is correct. If a bank account number is specified, this must be created without the use of hyphens or spaces.

After reviewing the bank account information and payment setup, exit the wizard by selecting Finish.

Next step

Assign permissions to users and user groups

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