Activating the extension

Once you have completed the installation of Payment Management in your Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-premises, you will be notified that the solution needs to be activated. This chapter describes how you proceed.

How to activate the extension

  1. The first time you start the database, after installing Payment Management, a notification will appear at the top of the page where you can start the activation of Payment Management.

    Payment Management has been installed. Would you like to activate it?

  2. If you select Activate now, in the notification bar, go to step 6 below.

  3. You can also start the activation by using the search function and search for Continia Solution Management and then select the related link.

  4. The window Continia Solution Management opens.

  5. f you have more solutions from Continia in the list at the bottom of the window, select Payment Management and then select the Activate Solution function.

  6. The window Payment Management Activation opens. Select Next.

  7. You must now enter Client ID and Client Password, which you receive when you order licenses for Payment Management through our License Manager. Then select Next.


    If you have not previously received Client Credentials from Continia, please contact our administration and have them delivered.

    You can either send an email to, which contains the customer's Voice ID and your (the Microsoft partner's) email address. Alternatively, you can call us on +45 8230 5000.

    Client ID and password ensure that you have a secure connection to Continia Online, and that the extension can communicate with Continia Online, e.g. when you send payments and retrieve status files from the bank. You only need one client ID and one password even if you have multiple solutions from Continia.

  8. If you have multiple accounts on Business Central on-premises, or have created a sandbox (test account), you will now be asked which account you want to install the extension in. Specify whether you want to use the extension in your Production Accounts or in your Test Account.


    The user information is used across the accounts contained in the system. It is therefore not possible to run a demo / test account and a live account in the same database.

  9. Finally, you will be asked to accept the Continias Terms of Use agreements. Then select Next.

  10. Select Finish to complete the activation wizard and start the assisted setup wizard for Payment Management.

Next step

Assisted setup guide for Continia Payment Management