Import Continias bank setup

The bank setup in Continia Payment Management consists of a series of files provided by Continia Software, which you can find in the product package that you or your Microsoft Partner used when the solution was installed.


When you complete the Assisted setup guide for Payment Management, you are automatically guided through the process of importing the bank setup file.

A bank setup file contains the bank specific payment methods, validation rules and formatting rules. It's only necessary to import the setup file for the banks to be used.

The setup files can be found in the product package in the XML Bank Setup folder.

How to import the bank setup files

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, enter Import Bank Setup, and then select the related link.
  2. This opens the window Import Bank Setup.
  3. In the overview panel Options in the field File name , select the bank setup file, that you want to import and press Open.
  4. Select OK to start importing the setup.
  5. This opens the window Bank Setup Status.
  6. Verify that it's the correct bank setup and that any overwrite warnings in the Status field can be accepted. If necessary, use the Show Journal to view or change the applicable warnings and actions.
  7. Select OK and select Yes to start importing the setup.
  8. The bank setup is imported showing a progress bar and field validations are finally updated.
  9. Select OK for dialog Update complete.
  10. The bank setup is now ready to use.