Define fees on payment methods

You can enable fees for your payment methods with Continia Payment Management. This makes it possible to keep statistics of your payment fees.

How to define payment method fees

  1. Select the Søg efter side eller rapport icon or press Ctrl-F3, enter Payment Methods, and then select the related link part of Continia Payment Management setup.
  2. Select a Payment Method for which you want to define fees.
  3. In the menu Navigate select Fees.
  4. Set up payment method fees by entering the following:
    • Bank Account No. Specify here for which bank account the fee applies. It is possible to set up various fees for the same payment method, on several bank accounts.
    • Fee (LCY). Enter the amount of the fee per payment.
    • Fee % Enter the fee as a percentage of the amount. It is common to pay a percentage of the amount, especially on foreign payments. If an amount is specified in the Fee (LCY) field, this is added to Fee % after this is calculated.
    • Min. Fee (LCY). In the case of payments abroad, a minimum fee is usually added to the payment. This is a minimum amount. I.e. if the amount of the other fees exceeds this minimum amount, the minimum fee will not be used.

The fee is added to the total fee which may then consist of Fee (LCY), Fee % and Min. Fee (LCY). The fee is applied to a separate field on each payment entry and forms the basis for the fee statistics.

Please note that fees are not posted anywhere, as this should first be done based on the exact bank account ledger entry.


It is also possible to set up a fee for payment methods directly from the bank account card. That way, on a single bank account, you can set up fees on multiple payment methods.