Business processes in Continia Payment Management

In this section, you will be presented with user guides for various business processes that may be relevant when using Continia Payment Management. The guides will guide you step by step through the business processes so that you can take advantage of the program's many functions in the simplest and most correct way.

Use payment information on the purchase documentHere you will find a guide on how to use the payment information on the purchase document, as well as ensure validation of payment information on the payment.
Features in the customer receipt journalHere you will find a description of how to import electronic payment files from your bank, and offset outstanding invoices with the entries from the file.
Features in the payment journalHere you will find a description of the processes related to the payment journal in Payment Management - from the time you create a payment journal to the payments are sent and paid at the bank, ready for posting.
Bank account reconciliationHere you will find a description of how you, with the module Statement Intelligence, import electronic account statements from the bank, which allows you to reconcile bank accounts easily and efficiently.
Example of the payment flow with Continia Payment ManagementHere you will find an example of the payment flow, using Payment Management, with references to various setup guides.