How to pay by priority

Once you have made your payment suggestion and have several entries pending, it may in many cases be necessary to prioritize these payments for one reason or another. Continia Payment Management's payment journal can be set up to help you automatically prioritize payments.

How to pay by priority

  1. Select the Søg efter side eller rapport icon or press Ctrl-F3, enter Payment Journals Payment Management, and select the related link.

  2. Select the payment journal you want to work with in the field Batch Name.

  3. In Navigate, select the function Payment Prioritization.

  4. This opens the Payment Prioritization window, which imports all payment lines, with outstanding payments, into the list. Select the action Available Amount....

  5. This opens the Bank Pmt. Prioritizing window, where a maximum amount available can be determined for the individual bank account. To change this, select the action Edit list.

  6. First make a selection in the field Use Vendor Priority if the priority is to be retrieved from the vendor card. If the box is checked, Payment Management will prioritize the vendors with the highest priority first. Priority is set up on the Payment tab on the vendor card. If you do not use vendor priority, the prioritization will take place via vendor number.

  7. Then find a line with a bank account where a maximum available amount is to be set.

  8. In the field Amount Available enter the desired amount. Do this for all bank accounts where there must be a maximum amount. In the field Carry Out next to each bank account, indicate whether to check for amounts in this account. If the check is removed, the system does not use an amount limit in the prioritization for this account.


    It is important that the check in the field Carry Out is removed before pressing OK, as Amount Available is reset each time the window is opened and this will overwrite any previously entered available amounts.

  9. Select OK to close the window.


    Note the field Pay on the left of the lines. A mark in this field means that the line will be sent for payment. For example, if a payment exceeds the maximum available amount, this check will be automatically removed. The payment priority can always be overwritten by manually marking this field.

  10. Select the action Select Payments..., if you have many payments and want help selecting or deselecting which lines to mark.

  11. This page has features for quickly selecting or deselecting multiple payments at once:

    ActionThis field determines whether the lines are to be paid or whether payment is to be omitted
    Which PaymentsThis field determines which lines are to be affected by the change. Is it one line, all lines, all vendor lines, or all bank account lines?
  12. Of course, you can still change the priority of the lines by simply unchecking or selecting the Pay column. At the same time, you can keep an eye on the amount at the bottom of the window. Here you will find both the amount in the entire proposal and the total amount for the entries that are set to be paid. When everything is done as desired, select OK. This closes the window and removes all lines not to be paid from the payment journal.

Actions on the window

At the top of the window, you will find the following features that are specific to Payment Management:

StatisticsOpens the window Bank Account Statistics, where you can see for the bank accounts used what the balance will be before and after posting, if you choose to pay the payment lines marked for payment in the field Pay.
Select PaymentsOpens the ** Select payments ** window, where you can choose whether you want to pay or not. Then the following fields can be delimited:

Current Line
Limits to the line you were on when you opened the Select Payments action.

All Lines
Limits to all lines in the payment proposal.

Limits to all entries with the same vendor as on the current line.

Limits to all entries with the same bank account as on the current line.
Available Amount...See description above.
PrintPrints the Payment Prioritization Report.
CardShows the payment entries.
NotificationShows the payment lines notification lines.
CommentShows the payment lines comment.
Info- & Error LogDisplays the payment line's Info and Error Log where you can find further information on why the payment is not valid.
HistoryOpens the Payment History window, where you can see what has happened to the payment since it was created in the payout journal.

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