How to summarize payments

Summarizing payments is a function in Continia Payment Management that can summarize several payments to the same vendor. The advantage of summarizing payments is that you only have to pay a fee for one transfer. Especially on foreign transfers, you can achieve large savings with group payments.

Conditions for summarizing payments

  1. Summarizing payments is optional, and must be set up specifically on the individual vendor or vendor payment group by checking the box Allow Collecting Payments.
  2. Likewise, it depends on the chosen bank, whether it is possible to summarize payments on the different payment methods.
  3. The function Suggest Vendor Payments can be set up to automatically summarize payments when they are inserted in the payment journal. Read more under Setting up a payment suggestion.
  4. Read more about how to change the conditions for when payments may be summarized in the section Setup summarize of payments.

Run an analysis first

If you have two or more payments you want to summarize, or want to find out why they have not been summarized after the payment suggestion function is run, you can mark the lines you want to summarize and subsequently run an analysis report.

Once you have run the analysis, if there are complications, you can choose to ignore individual payments, correct in your summarizing setup, or correct the payment information. Now repeat the analysis until you get the message "There are no problems with aggregating payments of marked lines."

How to summarize payments

When you need to summarize payments, simply select the lines you want to summarize, and if all requirements are met from Set up summarization of payments, summarization of payments is allowed on vendor's payment information, the payments will be summarized into a single line in the payment journal.

Running the Collect Payments function is only used if you have chosen not to activate it automatically (Collect Per Vendor) when you run the Suggest Vendor Payments function in the payment journal.

You can also use the function to your advantage if the setup has not otherwise resulted in an automatic summarization in connection with. the formation of the payment suggestion.


Note that the execution of the Collect Payments function is affected by the general Setup summarization of payments. Here you specify, among other things, which fields must be the same before a summarization of several payment entries is allowed.

  1. Select the Søg efter side eller rapport icon or press Ctrl-F3, enter Payment Journals Payment Management, and select the related link.

  2. Select the payment journal you want to work within the field Batch Name.

  3. Mark the payment lines you want to summarize.

  4. In Navigate, select the menu Collected Payment and select the function Analysis.

  5. This opens the Payment Collection Analysis window, which possibly shows whether there are any reasons why aggregating the payments will not be possible for the given lines. If this is the case, they can be solved by following the description in the field Text, if applicable.


    If during the automatic summarization of payments there are lines that have not been summarized, the reason for this can also be found by running the analysis tool.

  6. Select Close to close the window.

  7. If necessary, solve the issues the analysis shows and repeat the process until all problems are solved.

  8. In Navigate, select the menu Collected Payment and select the function Collect Payments.

  9. Select Yes to confirm that you want to run the function.

  10. The function is executed and the payments are summarized. At the same time as the entries are summarized, a notification is created that documents to the vendor what has been summarized, ie which invoices and credit notes the payment covers.

  11. Once the payment entries are summarized, you can continue with other functions in the payment journal, or you can send the payments to the bank immediately.

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