Access information about your Continia Payment Management

In Continia Payment Management you can find information about which version you are using of the installed modules and components.

  1. Select the icon Søg efter side eller rapport, type in Payment Management Basic Setup, and select the related link.
  2. This opens the window Payment Setup.
  3. Select the action Version.
  4. Below you'll find descriptions of the fields and functions in the window.
  5. When you have finished the setup, select OK.


NavisionSpecifies which version of the Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-premises system you are using.
Payment ManagementSpecifies which version of Payment Management you have installed.
Bank SetupSpecifies which version of the bank setup you have installed. If multiple bank setup files have been loaded, an asterisk will appear in the field. During the action Bank Bookkeeping Branches you can see the version for each individual bank center.
Communication ModuleImport and export of payment files, to and from the various banks, takes place via CBIC, which is an external integration component.

CBIC, or Continia Bank Integration Component, is a component provided by Continia. Specifies the version of the CBIC component that you are using.

The component converts the payment files, before they are sent to the bank, ensuring that the file format is supported by the requirements of the receiving bank. Also CBIC converts the status files and bank statements received from the bank, to a format that Payment Management can read.
Issued PaymentsSpecifies the number of completed payments.

Actions on the window

At the top of the window, under Actions, you'll find the following features specific to Payment Management:

Bank Bookeeping BranchesOpens the Banks and Bank Bookkeeping Branches window, where you can view and edit the list of available bank bookkeeping branches.