Customer and partner support

Access to professional and service-minded support is essential when it comes to ERP systems. Our solutions are supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises partners, and we provide support to our partners when the need arises.

Customer support

Continia Software has more than 15,000 active licenses worldwide. In order to be able to help the many customers in the best possible way, we have a partner model, which means that our solutions are delivered and supported by Microsoft Dynamics partners.

As an end-user, you should contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner if you need support for one of our solutions.

Partner support

Continia Software provides support in writing and by telephone to all our partners. In addition, our partners have access to extensive online resources related to training and education. We usually respond to your case within 2-48 hours.

  • Continia PartnerZone
    At Continia PartnerZone you can Create a support case in our case management system, download our solutions, and read articles about temporary solutions to known problems.
  • If you are a Continia Partner, you can at Continia PartnerZone sign up for an ongoing e-mail service each time Continia releases new versions, service packs, and hotfixes for Payment Management.
  • Continia Emergency Hotline
    Telephone support at +45 8230 5000 is used if you have a critical inquiry that requires immediate assistance.
Opening days for partner supportPeriod of time
Monday - Friday8:30 - 16:00
Closed every day during the period11:30 - 12:10

We often use TeamViewer when we provide support, as this provides an opportunity to see concrete examples and reviews in the system that may be in question. We, therefore, recommend that you have TeamViewer installed and ready for use when you call us.

Download TeamViewer

Supported versions of NAV / Business Central

Our solutions support a wide range of NAV and Business Central versions, but not all. We refer to the individual solutions' system requirements, to see which versions of NAV and Business Central they support.

For the latest version of Business Central released by Microsoft, we also make sure to release a version of our solutions that is compatible with new Cumulative Updates. We cannot guarantee that we will support all previous Cumulative Updates when we release a major version of our solutions. This happens e.g. applicable if the latest version of Business Central has Cumulative Update 1 - 15 when we release our main version. In that case, we only guarantee to support RTM, Cumulative Update 15, and newer.

We support Cumulative Update 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19 for Business Central 2019 Spring.

Service Packs & Hotfixes

We are constantly releasing new versions of our solutions and always recommend our customers to upgrade to the latest version. For the current and previous versions of our solutions, we also regularly release Service Packs, which are a collection of hotfixes. Support issues typically end up being caused by an error configuration or a programming error. If there is a programming error, we will either provide instruction on how to resolve it or include it in a future Service Pack.

For Service Packs and Hotfixes, we support the current and previous released versions, but not older versions. Customers will be asked to upgrade older versions to the current version, where the programming error will be corrected if it is still there.