Reconciliation of non-posted entries

Entries that have not already been posted will be transferred to your finance or cash receipt journal, where they are ready for posting and then automatic reconciliation with Statement Intelligence.

Features that help you reconcile unposted records

  • Match of customer payments, whether it is via account transfer or other method. A customer payment entry line is created in the cash receipt journal after which they can be posted and then reconciled. This also applies to foreign payments.
  • Match of summed customer payments based on information from the advis text.
  • Possibility of setting up posting rules for fixed expenses (fee, interest, rent, canteen, subsidy, etc.).
  • Support for payment slips on a single invoice, customer account statement, reminders and interest note, respectively. For example. FIK, GIK, OCR (Sweden) and KID (Norway).
  • Support for web shop payments and check payments.
  • Should there be unresolved entries, e.g. in the event of an incorrectly stated invoice number, these entries can be automatically transferred to a journal, where you can make posting proposals yourself.