Product Introduction

More than 500 registered partners worldwide in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem have experience delivering, implementing and supporting Continia solutions for their clients.

Therefore, when you select a solution from Continia, you're always guaranteed qualified assistance with the installation, setup and support. And, if our partners need help, they can get top-notch help from Continia's support team.

Today, more of our solutions are used in over 9,000 Microsoft Dynamics licenses worldwide for the clear purpose of streamlining and automating a wide range of administrative business tasks. With Continia Payment Management you get a high quality product, with the highest security and dedicated support.

Unique payment workflow with direct communication

  • With Payment Management you'll get a close integration between your financial system and your bank, so you can handle the entire payment process without leaving your financial system at any time.

  • With Payment Management's unique Direct Communication module, you can send payments directly from Business Central on-premises to your bank's online system. The payments are approved and sent to the bank in one simultaneous workflow, and you'll immediately receive a receipt for the payment from the bank.

  • The direct communication in Payment Management also means that you can retrieve exchange rates, deposit files and bank statements from the bank, as well as import bank account reconciliation files directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises - completely automatically and without having to save the files locally first .

  • The opportunity to communicate directly with the bank helps to increase the security of the company and at the same time eliminate the risk of manual errors.

  • Most Danish banks support Direct Communication, but you can check if your bank supports this service in the section Bank information.

Unique validation methods

  • Both the built-in validation engine and the activity log, contribute to ensuring a high quality level in the payment process, making it safe for you to send your payments to the bank.

  • The unique automated validation process includes checking that a payment obey to all the requirements concerning payment method and format, but also concrete bank specific requirements.

  • This will save you time while reducing the risk that your payments will be declined in the bank.

  • New or updated validation rules are automatically retrieved from Continia Online] each time you send payments to the bank.

One payment journal for all payments

  • Payment Management allows unified handling of all payments from a single payment journal. In other words, you can handle payments to multiple suppliers in different currencies and from multiple bank accounts with only one posting location - the payment journal.

  • It doesn't matter if you only have a single bank account and relatively few suppliers, or if you have multiple bank accounts and a large supplier portfolio both domestically and abroad - with Payment Management you always get a clear overview of your payments.

Full traceability - we save it all

  • Everywhere in Payment Management you'll find traceability just like in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises standard edition. In certain situations you may find it important to have a clear overview of all entries associated with the payment, such as information about vendor, bank, or financial details.

  • Continia's products store all data related to a transaction. In Payment Management, actual payment entries are created, but also imported bank statements, bank statement status and the extensive communication that takes place between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises and the banks IT systems are stored.

  • By preserving this data, we thus ensure that you use the Continia statistics and reports to always have the best overview of your finances and payment services. If you want to do even deeper analyzes, you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises's other analysis tools based on the many data to create e.g. curve and bar charts or pivot tables.

Dynamic user interface

  • Payment Management is built with a dynamic user interface tailored to the individual banks. This means, that some fields do not appear in your system if these are not relevant for the selected bank - such fields will automatically be hidden for the user.

Avoid duplicate work

  • Payment Management minimizes the risk of unnecessary duplicate registrations and at the same time the risk of having to enter a voucher both in the payment journal and subsequently in the bank's online system.

  • A payment method setup and payment ID definitions are automatically imported into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises when you complete the three assisted setup guides.

  • Using the Direct Communication module, all payments, status files, and bank statements will automatically be transferred to and from the bank, which means that the time-consuming and uncertain process associated with manual file export and import handling to the bank is history.