Vendor-specific interpretation of OCR/FIK/GIK/KID

Payment information must be created for each vendor, consisting of payment method, vendor bank and optionally a balance account in the right currency and a Payment ID mask.

This section contains a description of the features in the Continia Payment Management, available on the vendor card and purchase order/purchase invoice header.

Payment ID

When you receive a purchase invoice with a payment slip, the Payment ID (OCR line) on the payment slip will normally have to be entered on the purchase invoice. This Payment ID is often composed of information on the invoice, for example, invoice number and our account number.

By specifying a mask for how the Payment ID is composed, you can get Payment Management to fill the Payment ID-field automatically. You do not have to enter the OCR line on each and every purchase invoice, and when the invoice is paid, the Payment ID is automatically transferred to the bank and vendor.

If you also use our Continia Document Capture solution, the Payment ID is automatically transferred from the document.

Easy transfer of payment information

When you create a purchase order, purchase invoice, or line in the purchase journal, the payment information is transferred from the setup on the current vendor. It is possible to change the information if needed, for the specific document.