Optional notification of your vendors when payment is sent

In Continia Payment Management, we strive to simplify and expand the opportunities for notification and, not least, to define the notification rules. See the options for notification below.

Bank notifications

You can create specific bank notifications per vendor. Payment Management allows you to build the notification according to your own preferences, if the information is registered on the vendor ledger entries.

You can create a brief notification, which is the notification text on the vendor's bank statement, and a long notification where it is possible to specify more precisely what the payment covers. It is also possible to choose whether the notification should be limited, ie. fill as little as possible in the notification.

Manual notifications (letter) and email notifications

If you need to send notifications manually, you can choose to notify your vendors by email or letter. Different notification templates can be created, also in different languages. On each template, the text on the email and lines can be formatted with merge fields. The benefits of email notification are that email is inexpensive and can contain many lines of text, and that it is a quick and easy way to notify your vendors.

Creating Payment ID automatically

When you receive a purchase invoice with a payment slip, the Payment ID (OCR line) on the payment slip will normally have to be entered on the purchase invoice. This Payment ID is often composed of information on the invoice, for example, invoice number and our account number.

By specifying a mask for how the Payment ID is composed, you can get Payment Management to fill the Payment ID-field automatically. Thus, you do not have to enter the OCR line on each purchase invoice as it is generated automatically, and when the invoice is paid, the Payment ID is automatically transferred to the bank and vendor.

Foreign notification descriptions

Foreign notification terms are used to translate the terms for invoice, credit memo, reminder, finance charge Memo, and payment, and our account number, to any language. Payment Management will then translate these terms to the specified language through the vendor language code.

Notification templates and formatting

Each notification can be defined with a notification template, which means a built-in string in which you specify which fields from the payment entries that will be "merged" into the text. Additionally, you can use a notification definition to format each field, for example leading characters, or right/left align the field.

Export to XML or HTML formats

If you choose to save the notifications in the HTML format, the file can be printed and sent by regular mail, or the file can be attached to an email, and then the recipient can see it in a browser. Choosing the XML format allows your vendor to import the file into their finance system. However, this requires a converter application.