Handling customer payments

To use the payment part in [!IncludeCPM], it is necessary to include a payment reference, when sending invoices, reminders, finance charge memos, or statements to customers. The unique payment reference means that deposits can easily be posted correctly.


Importing of customer payments can be done in several ways; You can order and import specific deposit files at the bank or, you can import a bank account statement.

Automatic applying

Once a customer has paid with a OCR/FIK/GIK slip, you can import a file from the bank's online system with customer payments. The file is imported into the cash receipt journal, which automatically applies the Applies-to ID via the payment identification, so it is ready for posting.

Sales reports included

For the sales part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises, a set of standard documents are included for printing invoices, bank statements, reminders and interest notes, all with standard FI and Giro cards printed.