Easy creation of your payment suggestion

With Continia Payment Management, you get an intelligent parameter-controlled function to form vendor payment suggestions. With this function, you can set up a number of parameters, such as vendor payment group, payment method, as well as various general payment information, for the payment proposal to be formed.

Creation of vendor payment suggestion setup

Once you have set up a payment proposal, the setup can be saved, so you will always be able to use it to form exactly the payment proposal you want in the payout journal. This makes it easy to work with the payout journal, while ensuring that all desired payments are always retrieved into the journal so that your vendor invoices are paid on time.

Possibility of more payment journals

You can create multiple payout drafts for electronic payments, e.g. a journal for each bank account paid from. On each payout journal, you can define a number of fixed settings for how the job is run.

Payments to all banks in a single journal

Unlike the standard edition of Business Central on-premises, it is possible in the payment journal to make payments to all bank accounts, even if the accounts are in different banks. This allows you to collect all payments into one single payment journal.

Unique validation before sending the payment to the bank

When a payment suggestion is created, each individual payment is also validated. If the validation fails, such as missing information on the payment, then the status is changed on the line and is marked as failed. A message can then be found in the error log, which will tell you what is wrong with the payment. When the error is corrected, the status of the line is changed and the payment is ready to be sent to the bank.

Overview in the payment journal

When a payment journal is created, you can see the status of each payment (shown as both text and color), and it is possible to filter the payments by their status, so that the payment lines can be processed by batch.