DynamicPay (only for Danske Bank customers)

DynamicPay from Danske Bank is a digital solution used for paying invoices which helps you manage your liquidity in connection with invoice management. The solution enables you to obtain payment discounts if you pay before due date, and as a supplier, you accept payment before due date and is then paid a slightly lower amount.

The DynamicPay extension in Continia Payment Management enables you to place payments in the bank with a due date, and then allow the vendor to "activate" the payment before the original due date, for a smaller amount to be paid. This function enables the vendor to improve their cash flow, while you obtain a discount from the vendor.

With the DynamicPay extension, you can also post the payment already when the payment is sent, and without you knowing if the vendor will use the "payment discount". If the vendor accepts the payment before due date, the payment is automatically posted in the Payment Management to match with the actual amount.

This function can only be used by Danske Bank customers and requires special sign-up on DynamicPay.