Continia Payment Management supports most banks in the Nordic region

In order to send payments to your bank, Payment Management must be able to create a file with payments in the exact format that the bank demands. With Payment Management you are fully covered in a wide range of banking formats and payment methods, so you are sure to have all supported formats in updated version available, thus avoiding errors in the bank's system.

Supports all Danish banks and the largest banks in the Nordic region

Continia Payment Management supports payments from all Danish banks, as well as a selection of the biggest banks in the Nordic region.

Below, you can access an overview of which banks are supported in the product.

Bank OverviewList of banks and Bank Bookkeeping Branches supported in Payment Management as well as which banks support direct communication.

Supports a wide range of payment methods

Below is an overview of the types of payment methods that are supported in Payment Management.

Supported methodsOne of the basic functions of Payment Management is payment methods that define how a vendor can be paid. Continia maintains and supports more than 170 payment methods, among others SEPA, FIK, GIK, OCR (Sweden) and KID (Norway), Corporate intercompany (ICM) and Bank Girot.

All common payment methods that Danish banks offer are supported by Payment Management.
Foreign paymentsPayment Management also handles all types of foreign payments, including SEPA. It also handles exchange rate agreements with the bank, in order to cover which costs when transferring payments abroad.
NemKontoYou can transfer payments to: NemKonto by CPR (Danish social security number), VAT number, SE and P-Number, for the banks where this is offered.
FeeIt is possible to enter fees per payment method, including amount, percentage, and minimum amount. This function is first and foremost meant for statistics and reconciliation. The fees are not posted because this should be done only from the exact message from the bank.

Below, you can access a more detailed overview of which payment methods are supported in Payment Management.

Supported Payment MethodsSupported payment methods overview in Payment Management

Cooperation with Bank Connect

The Bank Connect association offers a common standard for exchange of payment information and account movements between corporate finance systems and more than 70 banks in Denmark.

Payment Management supports a wide range of bank formats and payment methods. In cooperation with Bank Connect, Continia offers you the opportunity to communicate directly with Bank Connect and thereby more than 70 banks that use this service.

This provides much higher security in the company, fewer payment errors, and the ability to get exchange rates, deposit files, and bank statements automatically and without having to save the files locally first.