Upgrade to Continia Payment Management version 5.00.01


If you need to upgrade from an older version of Payment Management older than 4.01, follow the upgrade instructions Upgrade to Payment Management version 4.00 & 4.01 before completing this guide.

Before installing the new Payment Management version 5 objects, do the following:

  1. Nothing must be done before importing Payment Management version 5 objects.
  2. You are now ready to install Payment Management version 5, which is described in section Install the extension.


Always remember to update to the latest dll files when you have finished upgrading - Start the Setup program Setup.exe, which you will find at the root of the product package - read more here.

Information regarding bank certificates

When updating to a Payment Management version 4.00 or newer, Payment Management will change the way certificates are managed and stored, as the certificates will now be stored directly in the database.

Certificates from all banks, with exception of Danske Bank, will automatically be converted to be supported by the new setup, the fist time the certificates are used.


For Danske Bank certificates, if the certificate is generated on a Payment Management prior to version 4.00, the following error message will occur the first time the certificate is used with Payment Management version 4.00 or newer: "Cannot find the requested object". If you receive this error message, you must request a new certificate security code at the bank.

You must then delete the existing certificate that caused the error, and create a new certificate with the same user name but with the newly acquired security code. Certificates are managed from the bank card in your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or NAV.