Upgrade to Continia Payment Management version 2.60


If you need to upgrade from an older version of Payment Management older than 2.55, follow the upgrade instructions Upgrade to Payment Management version 2.55 before completing this guide. You do not have to install Payment Management version 2.55, but you must import and run the upgrade file before you follow the steps below.

Before installing the new Payment Management version 2.60 objects, do the following.

  1. XTL objects must be deleted from the Database. These are the following objects:

    Table6017250XTL Export Data
    Table6017251XTL Export Data Advice
    Table6017252XTL Export Data - Archive
    Table6017253XTL Export Data Adv. - Archive
    Report6017250Show XTL Export Data
    Codeunit6017250XTL Comm. Functions
    Page6017250XTL Export Data
    Page6017251XTL Export Data Advice
    Page6017252XTL Login
    Page6017253XTL Banks
    Page6017254XTL Data
    Page6017259XTL Export Data - Archive
    Page6017260XTL Export Data Adv. - Archive
  2. You are now ready to install Payment Management version 2.60, which is described in section Install the extension. If you want to install a newer version, first follow the subsequent upgrade runs before importing the objects.


Always remember to update to the latest dll files when you have finished upgrading - Start the Setup program Setup.exe, which you will find at the root of the product package - read more here.