Installing the Collection Management App

Before you can start using Continia Collection Management, you must install it in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant. If you’re not 100% sure that you actually want to use Collection Management, you don’t have to worry about being charged, as you can sign up for a free 30-day trial before potentially starting a subscription. You’re of course free to stop the trial if, for some reason, Collection Management is not for you.

Collection Management is available from Microsoft AppSource, and there are various ways to install it. For more information, see Customizing Business Central Using Extensions.


To install Collection Management, you must be assisted by an approved Continia partner. During the activation process, a person from your partner’s organization will be required to log in using their own personal user credentials.

Also, in order to install extensions from AppSource or add per-tenant extensions, you must have the right permissions. You must either be a member of the D365 EXTENSION MGMT user group, or you must have the D365 EXTENSION MGMT permission set.

To install Collection Management, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Continia Collection Management, and then choose the related link under Get from Microsoft AppSource.
  2. Choose Free Trial and complete the installation. For more information, see Customizing Business Central Using Extensions.
  3. Optional: To follow the installation status, choose the Search icon, enter Extension Management, and then choose the related link.
  4. When the Collection Management installation is complete, you’ll receive a notification in the Role Center that Collection Management has been installed.
  5. In the notification, choose Activate now.
  6. Follow the steps in the Collection Management Activation Guide.
  7. When the guide is finished, you’ll see the Collection Management Assisted Setup, which will help you set up Collection Management.

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